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I didn't know Shuma has eczema.
Though my daughter don't have eczema for the present, my husband has terrible eczema for a long time when he is a child.
By the way, There seem to be a lot of vital points in the sole.
I heard it is better for baby not to wear socks.
So, I have my daughter wearing leg warmers.
Are leg warmers useful so that he should not scratch his ankle?
Please try it if you think it is good.
(If you have used already,I'm sorry)
I wish Shuma get well.

・I get as much use out of overalls as I can!
・Thank you for the information of Nikomi Ramen.


cars are ok. we had dinosaurs and cars and rocket ships and puppies puppies puppies. one thing that surprised me was the hippos when hiro was a newborn. i'm not really into hippos, but it seemed to be a trend when he was little.

his 'theme' was peter rabbit so my mom often sent little blue outfits with peter rabbit. so cute!

hiro broke out a lot from breast milk. at first it would just leak all over his face and when he started to react to it, it didn't take much to make it look really bad. i just had to make sure to wipe his skin after feeding, and sometimes even before. i think it cleared up soon after his first birthday. i hope it's not bothering shuma!


I guess if you're tired of looking at cars on pyjamas, you could always go for the slightly more refined densha pyjamas.
Actually, I was surprised when I went to Japan and first met my wee nephew. He was a train otaku already at 3 years of age. He did not care one bit about cars. My wife explained that this was normal for Japanese boys. And he only cared about modern trains. No steam engines for him, except Thomas.
As for the eczema, it's one of the first things I noticed about Shuma - only because my daughter had it too. I did not know it was eczema but I guess technically that's what dry skin is. My daughter seemed to get it worst in winter, and I thought it was because she wasn't getting enough protection from cold winds when she was outside. We started using Penaten cream, sometimes Vaseline, on her cheeks and it seemed to clear up after the second winter.


dont get rid of the clothes Shuma is outgrowing yet--- believe it or not, when he starts running around, he will stretch out but basically be the same size... just leaner from all the running-- this is what happened to my son.... when he was about 9 months old, he started to walk and could wear all the little overalls and onesies again...
have fun with your little one-- mine is now 15 and I miss the fun...

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